Wheel Balancer


Details :

Technical Specification :

Rim Diameter 10″ to 24″
Max. Wheel Weight 65KG
Max. Wheel Diameter 1000mm
Rim Width 1.5″-20″
Resolution 200rpm
Balancing Precision ±1g
Motor Power 0.25KW
Principle Feature
  1. A wheel balancer with self-claimed protected innovation.
  2. With DYN/STA and different adjusting mode and MOT adjusting mode.
  3. Tweak the equalization operation propensity to build the working proficiency. With defensive hood control, unit definition and the base unbalancing choice capacity.
  4. With different inventive information info modes, it can without much of a stretch understand the information increment and diminishing by turning the tire.
  5. Self alignment is anything but difficult to work. This capacity can rapidly reestablish the accuracy of the machine which is unused for quite a while or losing exactness.
  6. Discretionary outfitted with engine connector, with MOT adjusting mode.
  7. Basic standpoint and expansive limit of weight compartment.
  8. It highlights with solid capacity of imperviousness to the scratch and erosion and having long life execution. The press key with high quality and can’t be harmed after press for 0.5 million times. The temperature reach is – 10℃ to 50℃. In this extent, it won’t peel, structure knocks and tack-less.