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The spot welding machines find usage in varied spot welding applications and can be designed for high speed production jobs as well as meet specific metal fabrication demands. These precision designed spot welding machines feature use of heavy duty transformer of 10KVA. With power input of 440 V, 50 Hz and facility for 2/3phase operations, some of the other standard operational features of these machines include pneumatic foot pedal operations, thumbwheel setting for hold timing and current dwell timing, fitting for coolant circulation, copper electrodes, electrode arm length of 400mm and above all advanced technology based control panel for smooth and precision handling of above operations.

Specifications :

Heavy duty transformer 10KVA

Pneumatic foot pedal operation

Thumbwheel setting for hold timing and current dwell timing

Fitting for coolant circulation

Copper electrodes

Electrode arm length 400mm.

Facility for 2/3phase operation

Control panel for above

Power: 440 V ,50 Hz