3D Wheel Alignment

V3D 5000 EL

Primary Feature:

  1. Windows OS, operation procedure can be effortlessly guided by “Next stride” direction.
  2. Surpass 20,000 database around the globe and with a lifetime overhaul administration.
  3. Rehash estimation exactness is ±0.03,which be a world’s driving level.
  4. Estimation Angle: Toe, Camber, Caster, S.A.I, push point, Setback edge, Max turning edge, Wheel tread, Wheel base, Wheel moving redius.
  5. Android PDA and portable workstation are bolstered to demonstrate the vehicle estimation information, more helpful for administrator.
  6. Adapted programming plan, movement video can be utilized to help professional all the more rapidly finish the operation.
  7. Ultra-low suspension and refit vehicle—Volks Wagen and Audi, XLWB and with ESP capacity vehicle are additionally can be measured.
  8. Optional lift capacity, which can be utilized to all the more helpfully help specialist conform Camber.