Tyre Changer


Fundamental Feature:

  1. TF 2600 here and there by Pneumatic control; simple operation and recovery both time and work.
  2. Situating edge halfway technique can keep away from to harm the edge; advantageously and quick.
  3. The vertical shaft is made of 200x150mm square tube with better force and no twisting amid demounting and mounting the tires.
  4. The right help arm furnishes the barrel with 125mm distance across and can separates the tire and edge; demount and mount the level, hard and SRC tires effectively.
  5. The control arrangement of the right help arm has the configuration of dab plate development synchronization lock capacity to abstain from harming the machine because of the disoperation.
  6. Discretionary unendingly variable velocity engine.
  7. Reasonable for different tires in the commercial center, dab breaking circle turns to independent the edge from the tire, simple operation, with exceptional capacity, protected and high effective