Lifting Equipments


Main Features :

  1. Tray.
  2. 24V/CE standard ABS control box.
  3. Top restricted switch.
  4. Wire rope against shedding gadget.
  5. Height from the beginning/110/140mm.
  6. Chain against shedding gadget.
  7. Tubing blast evidence gadget.
  8. Hydraulic chamber procedure to make a mirror-cleaned surface, to accomplish the level of mirror.
  9. Slide square tube embraces 5mm global standard.
  10. International TPL1100 16mm.
  11. 6mm (inside and outside) tube thickness.
  12. Solid 25mm toe board.
  13. TPL1100 International 4mm checkered plate, and base with edge iron welded fortification, so auto would not distorted.
  14. TPL1100 universal 16mm board.
  15. The SS50 universal standard 6mm opened Tablet section.