Lifting Equipments


Details :

Technical Specification :

Model DK-30D
Capacity 3000kg
Max. height 1000mm
Min. height 115mm
Power supply 220V/380V
Gas supply 6-8kg/cm3
Lifting time 30s
Oil pressure 18-20MPa

Main Features :

  1. Receive the shrouded shearing sort dinner slim structure without the requirement for development pit, little space is involved.
  2. Free control box, low voltage control, great wellbeing execution.
  3. Water powered oil chamber with same volume, mechanical conjoined driving, constrain the stage for stable operation in synchronization.
  4. Receive the twofold protection wellbeing gadget of mechanical tooth protection paw, sheltered and dependable.
  5. Receive the Italy, Germany, Japan, and other great water powered, electrical parts.
  6. At the point when receive the cell phone, it can be utilized straightforwardly without establishment.
  7. The cell phone can be prepared, helpful for the administrator to utilize.
  8. 24V safe voltage control.
  9. Get 115% dynamic and 150% static testing.
  10. Accord with standard of European Union CE.