Lifting Equipments


Details :

Technical Specification :

Capacity(kg) 4000kg
Lift height(mm) 1800mm
Power supply(v) 380V/220V
Motor power(kw) 2.2kw
Rise /Drop time(s) 60/50

Main Features :

  1. New astounding 4 post lift, gathering with the preferences shape the lift produced by abroad or residential.
  2. Polished configuration, two-layer hided structure whose limit is great.
  3. It actualizes new safe lifting innovation of the world as one, included water powered control, electrical control and mechanical control.
  4. Adjustable position for the turntable of front wheel, and extended sliding plate for back wheel which could fulfill the auto with long or short hub.
  5. It is furnished with an optional lifting jack, electrical and water driven control framework. Furthermore, its lifting limit is 3T.
  6. There is 4T lifting limits for decisions.
  7. The width of post is 30000mm to fulfill the interest of specifical vehicle (1950mm).
  8. It has finished CE Test.
  9. The items are protects against PICC(insurance sum is 10 million RMB).