3D Wheel Alignment


Main Feature:

  1. Windows 7 operating system, newest Techfanatics software, include all functions from old software, with self-owned intellectual property.
  2. Automatic adjustment for height of camera beam, automatic tracking the target plates.
  3. Automatic checking for height of car lift, automatic calibrate the camera.
  4. With black-box functions, all files can be saved for future analysis.
  5. Quicker running for alignment with guiding menu ,can read database within 3 minutes.
  6. 3D animated measurement , easy for training and operate.
  7. Available for OEM vehicle database.
  8. Manual enter height of vehicle.
  9. Easy operation with double LCD display.
  10. “ MKS” measurement special for Benz.
  11. Available for single-wheel positioning ,two wheel positioning , four wheel positioning.
  12. 26 kinds of language for different countries and districts.
  13. Adjustment function for FORD bushing.
  14. Instruction function for North star shims.
  15. Measurement for Caster Trail.
  16. Measurement for Scrub Radius & SAI.
  17. Cradle Adjust of motor.
  18. A-Arm resetting on turntable.
  19. Zero Toe adjustment for camber.
  20. Drag Link Adjust to ensure the steering wheel in the middle.
  21. Single Tie Rod Adjust.